ADA Compliance

Does Your Parking Lot Meet Florida ADA Requirements?

The U.S. Department of justice often issues updated regulations specific to accessible parking spaces under the Americans with Disabilities Act. It can be difficult for property owners and property managers to keep up with the constant changes in requirements. Many local governments have their own laws, which may be more specific or more stringent, making compliance even more challenging and confusing. Yet, property owners and managers are responsible for complying with parking lot signage, sidewalk and ramp regulations to avoid expensive lawsuits. 


D & C Parking Lot Maintenance can help you adhere to ADA requirements for your parking lots including:


  • Accessible Route and Aisle
  • Ramp Requirements
  • ADA Signage and Striping
  • Disable and/or Handicap Parking Signs

How Many Parking Spaces Do I Need That Are Accessible?


Minimum Number of Accessible Parking Spaces

2010 Standards (208.2)

Total Number of Parking Spaces Provided in

Parking Facility

(per facility)

(Column A)

Minimum Number of

Accessible Parking Spaces

(car and van)

Mininum Number of Van-Accessible Parking Spaces

(1 of six

accessible spaces)

1 to 25 1 1
26 to 50 2 1
51 to 75 3 1
76 to 100 4 1
101 to 150 5 1
151 to 200 6 1
201 to 300 7 2
301 to 400 8 2
401 to 500 9 2
500 to 1000 2% of total parking

provided in each

lot or structure

1/6 of Column A*
1001 and over 20 plus 1

for each 100 over 1000

1/6 of Column A*
*one out of every 6 accessible spaces

Requirements To Make Parking Space Accessible


    • Parking space 12 ft wide with adjacent accessible aisle 5 ft wide
    • 8 ft wide with 98 minimum vertical clearance for vans


    • Parking spaces must be identified with the international symbol of accessibility
    • Sign dimensions must be at least 12 x 18 inches

Pavement Markings

    • Access aisles must be hash marked to indicate the space is accessible

Pavement Slope

    • Parking spaces may not have more than a 2% slope in any direction
    • Maximum 1 inch vertical change for every 50 inches of horizontal change

Not sure if your parking lot is ADA compliant?

Don’t hesitate to call us at (407) 618-9646 or fill out a contact form below and we can perform an informal ADA compliance check of your parking lot. This comprehensive parking lot assessment will cover all ADA compliance mentioned above, as well as a final report outlining what areas you may be out of compliance with. Please keep in mind that this is not an official ADA inspection and will not serve as such.

ADA Compliance Brief: Restriping Parking Spaces

Access Board Commonly Asked Questions

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