Asphalt Milling

What Does Asphalt Milling Entail?

Asphalt milling is a revolutionary and affordable way of restoring asphalt pavements. Homeowners and businesses consider it cheaper than completely demolishing a surface then repaving it.



Asphalt milling entails crushing the asphalt on a surface to produce an even and smooth surface that makes it easier to repave. The level of grinding ranges between a few inches and a full-depth removal. 

It is no secret that the process of asphalt pavement has been in use for ages. It is one of the oldest development techniques.

On the other hand, asphalt milling is a fairly new urban development technology. Its use started in the late 70s. The entry of new equipment has transformed it into a reliable solution for paving contractors who seek to provide restorations in a sustainable and low-cost way.

Reasonably Priced Pavement Restoration

Asphalt milling is the most economical option for pavements that exhibit extensive damage in the form of raveling, cracking or irregular slopes. In this case, the sub-base of the structure is still intact. 

Our team does not need to demolish the sub-base for the purpose of repaving. To conduct the repairs, all affected layers are carefully extracted using a milling machine. This procedure is followed by replacing the missing parts with fresh hot-mix.

What Issues Are Addressed By Asphalt Milling?

The height and drainage of the pavement

You might think to go for an overlay when considering ways of restoring the surface on your pavement. It is good to note that the overlay introduces an extra layer to the asphalt that already exists on the pavement. 

Every time the overlay is applied, the resulting height is higher than the previous one. It is a situation that is similar to repainting walls over and over. At some point, you will have no option other than removing the original paint.

If your paved structure has numerous overlay applications, introducing additional height will lead to complications.

Asphalt milling is the revolutionary way of restoring the look of your pavement without having any implications on height. This prevents problems with the drainage system that is installed.

It is a product that helps take care of the environment

The process entails milling asphalt from the surface. Once this is done, the asphalt is collected and recycled into aggregate. This aggregate can be reused as new hot-mix asphalt. This sustainable production process has made asphalt one of the most valuable and widely reused recyclable construction materials.

Asphalt milling solves precise issues

Your parking lot, driveway or other structure made from asphalt might have suffered significant damage. If the damage is concentrated in only specific portions of the structure, asphalt milling is the best way of correcting the damage without repaving.

With asphalt milling, the asphalt is removed to a suitable depth. It is then replaced and then brought to an even level. 

Is Asphalt Milling The Best Option For You?

Since its inception over 3 decades ago, asphalt milling has turned out to be one of the easiest, rapid, and most reasonably priced methods for installation companies and business owners to preserve attractive, safe, and sound pavements. 

In most cases, asphalt milling proves to be the best way to go when compared to full demolition and other expensive pavement removal methods.

If you are not sure how to go about addressing the issues that affect your pavement, get in touch with D & C Parking Lot Maintenance. We will conduct an evaluation of your pavement or parking lot and recommend the best way of restoring the surface. We believe in addressing the exact needs of our customers and treat every site according to its unique features.

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