A clean and professional look of a parking lot.

Best Ways To Keep Your Parking Lot Clean

Cleaning parking lot in Orlando.Just as you maintain your luxurious vehicle to shine, it is also necessary to maintain and clean your parking lot. A parking lot is like a home for cars, continuously coming and going from its space. Your parking lot must be clean so that you and your customers are welcomed to a well-kept business. This article provides you the best, effective and practical tips on how you can clean your parking lot, which will save you money in the long run.

Removes stains from the parking lot:

When you park your car or motorbike in a parking lot, sometimes oil can leak and get on the pavement. This oil leaking can cause permanent or harsh stains on the ground which can be difficult to remove. To make your parking lot clean from these harsh stains, it is important to clean the parking lot whenever the leakage happens and/or perform monthly maintenance. If you leave the stains for a long period of time, the leakage will become permanent. Special products are used to clean the tough stains. A professional, like us, are the best option for this because these chemicals can be hazardous and if not used properly, can cause more damage to your parking lot than the original leak.

Clean the parking lot with pressure cleaning:

Another great way to clean a parking lot is by using pressure washing. Pressure washing or pressure cleaning is all about using high-pressure water for cleaning dirt and spots. Pressure cleaning is very effective in making your parking lot clean. To get the best results do not use cold water; try to use hot water because it will soften all the stains and dirt from the ground. However, remember, that pressure washing may move stains and dirt into the surface due to high pressure. Therefore, it is important that the surface must be even and spotless. Otherwise, the condition of the parking lot can become worse with time.

Protect your parking lot with cracks:

Cracks can make the condition of your parking lot worse than before. If you do not properly take care of cracks over time, they can cause serious damage that will be expensive to repair. Over time, asphalt starts shrinking and leaves small cracks in the pavement. Due to rainfall here in Florida, the water gets into these small cracks, gets absorbs, and plays a part in expanding the cracks. To clean and manage your parking lot, you will want to take care of these cracks right away. Give us a call today to get a quote on having us fix them for you.

Remove leaf and mulch stains on time:

Leaf and mulch stains can also cause damage to asphalt. It is essential to remove leaf and mulch stains immediately when they appear on the pavement. You can clean it by using the products available at your nearest convenience store. Soap and vinegar are two products that are easily found in every home and do not cost much. Wherever you find the leaf and mulch stains on the pavement, spread some vinegar or soap on the surface and rub down in a circular motion by using a waste toothbrush or any other brush. Remove the soap or vinegar after brushing with low-pressure water. Do not apply a pressure-cleaning technique here. If the stains do not fade away, try to remove them with bleach. Bleach includes fading agents that remove tough stains. Mix some bleach with warm water. Again, repeat the procedure; spreading, rubbing into circular motion, and removing.  Rinse 20 to 30 minutes after with water.

Remove leaves, dirt and paint stripes:

To clean your parking lot, make a habit of removing excess leaves and dirt from the pavement or hire a company to do so. Falling leaves can also be slippery which can cause your visitors serious injury and make you susceptible to liability.

Apply these steps to clean your parking lot because whether it is some mall, office or home pavement is the first impression visitors get of your area and your business. A clean parking says a lot about your business and how much you care about how your business is perceived. Moreover, caring about your parking lot and regular maintenance increases the overall life of asphalt. It should be clean, safe and appealing at first sight so give us a call today if we can help. We can fix cracks, re-pave your parking lot, perform maintenance, pressure washing, striping and more.