A parking lot which has yellow asphalt stripes.

How Often Should a Parking Lot be Sealed?

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One of the best ways that you can maintain your parking lot is by applying a protective coating across the top few layers of asphalt with a sealant. This process is called sealcoating and offers a whole host of benefits to both commercial and residential properties that have heavily trafficked parking lots. While many property owners understand the importance of sealcoating a parking lot, knowing how often it needs to be done and what to look out for, is not necessarily common knowledge. So, let’s take a look at common questions surrounding the sealcoating process. 

How Long Will The Sealcoat Last For?

This is one of the first questions asked from both residential and commercial property owners who are looking into parking lot maintenance. While the answer to this question relies on several factors, the short of it is that it will last a few years. Factors such as how much traffic your parking lot is getting, how much exposure it has to the elements like the sun and water, and how much gas or oil leakage is occurring on a daily basis, will factor into how long the sealant will last for. It is recommended that the seal coat be replaced every two years; waiting decades causes damage and resealing every year can cause the parking lot to crack, flake, or even peel. 

I Am Putting in a New Parking Lot – How Long Before Sealcoating? 

If you have just installed a new asphalt driveway or parking lot, it is recommended that you wait a minimum of six months before having a seal coat applied. In most cases, waiting an entire year works, or going through the winter months also works. 

When Is The Best Time to Have My Parking Lot Sealed?

You want to have your parking lot or driveway sealed during the warmer months of your climate range. Generally, this is springtime and summer, but it can also be done in the autumn if the ground and air temperatures sit above a consistent fifty degrees. If you are in a rush, like with a commercial parking lot, and you cannot have it off-limits to your visitors for very long, the best time is to have it seal coated during the summer months of June, July, or August. This is because the air is a lot drier and hotter during these months, allowing the sealant to dry and cure at a much faster rate.

What Kind of Debris Needs to be Removed From My Parking Lot Before Sealcoating?

If your property is well maintained by a landscaper or a gardener, and you are looking to have your parking lot seal coated during the springtime or summer months, there are certain debris types that will need to be removed. Any type of mulch for gardening, any type of fertilizer, or any type of wood chip, rock, or sand, that is used in landscaping, must be removed. It is highly recommended that you use a pressure washer to remove the debris from the parking lot prior to having the professionals come out. While they will corner off the area and do a clean up of their own, the process will go faster if there is little debris to begin with. 

How Do I Know If I Need Asphalt Repair?

While part of the sealcoating process does involve repairing minor cracks and holes, the process is more so as a protective measure to prevent and slow down damage and deterioration. If your parking lot has not been sealcoated or resurfaced at all, it is best to look for signs that it needs to be completely repaired. These signs include buckled surfaces, potholes, warped surfaces, lingering puddles, fading, stains from oil or chemical spills, and alligator or edge cracks. If you see any of these, an asphalt repair contractor will need to fix it before it can be sealcoated properly. 

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