Parking Lot Striping

Looking to stripe a brand new parking lot or re-stripe an existing parking lot? Look no further than DCPLM. We are the top full-service parking lot maintenance company in Florida with years of experience in parking lot striping. At DCPLM we know how important it is to have a clean looking business and how a parking lot can contribute to that image. Painted pavement that is exposed to the outdoor elements and foot traffic is susceptible to wear and tear that can make your parking facility look run-down.

Our mission is to keep your parking lot looking professional, clean, and safe for all your customers. When your handicapped areas, fire lanes, and parking spots are clearly defined, it is less likely for someone to have an accident at your property. Clear and visible lines let drivers know where to watch for pedestrians, when to yield to other drivers, and where not to leave a car parked. Making sure these lines are visible is important to the safety and efficiency of the people using the parking area. In order for these lines to be as visible as possible, it is recommended to re-stripe a parking lot every 12 to 18 months to keep them vibrant.  We can follow a layout or create a completely new parking lot design that meets your needs.

Our parking lot striping services include:

  • Fire Lanes
  • Handicapped Parking/ ADA Compliance
  • Loading Zones
  • Parking Spaces
  • Directional Arrows
  • Speed Bump Painting
  • Pedestrian Crossing
  • Custom Stenciling

If you’re looking for a company who provides high-quality asphalt striping and re-striping, DCPLM is your first choice. Our specialists work individually with every client to ensure complete satisfaction. Our team has years of experience and possess the skills to make sure all painted lines are uniform and as straight as possible. All of our team members are up to date on ADA laws and can answer all the questions that you may have.

At DCPLM, we know shutting off access to an entire parking lot can be tough financially and logistically. That is why we work directly with property managers and business owners to determine a plan to complete the job in a time frame that is best for your business. We will provide you with a diagram that identifies exactly what areas we are bidding to repair and how long it will take to complete. We also always use the highest quality paint to guarantee quick drying times which leads to your parking lot being blocked off for shorter periods of time.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about our parking lot striping services, please contact us below or call us at (407) 618-9646.

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