Concrete Paving in Orlando

Large flattener smoothing out concrete paving.When you’re looking for a reliable paving company in Orlando, DCPLM is the experts you can count on. Whether paving parking lots or driveways, our top priority is providing the best quality to every customer and that means making sure your new pavement lasts for years to come. We offer two different paving services, asphalt, and concrete, at an affordable price.

Asphalt is the most common material used for paving parking lots. While it is the most commonly used material, asphalt wears down over time and cracks and potholes can appear. Weather and regular traffic can also cause these flaws and it’s important to get them repaired as needed, especially if a crack appears. If water gets into a crack when it rains, it can seep underneath the layer of asphalt, leading to further cracking. These cracks and holes can cause severe damage to vehicles and are a danger to walking pedestrians.                                      

Concrete is another excellent option for paving a parking lot. One of the best qualities concrete holds over asphalt is that it is easier to work with which allows you to create different finishes. A concrete driveway can be stained in different places with different colors which can create unique patterns. Concrete can also be stamped, etched, or engraved with designs to attain different looks with different finishes such as exposed aggregate or brushed. These options make concrete a more desirable surface for homeowners when designing a driveway. When choosing a surface for your parking lot or driveway, it is important to keep these attributes in mind.


  • Concrete is laid in 2-3 days
  • Cheaper
  • Better for the environment (recyclable)
  • Longer Lifespan +20 Years             


  • Softens in hot temperatures
  • Less Durable
  • Reseal every 5 years

If you’re looking for a company who provides high-quality asphalt and concrete paving, DCPLM is your first choice. Our specialists work individually with every client to ensure complete satisfaction. Our team has years of experience and possess the skills to make sure your parking lot surface is looking as good as possible.

At DCPLM, we know shutting off access to an entire parking lot can be tough financially and logistically. That is why we work directly with property managers and business owners to determine a plan to complete the job in a time frame that is best for your business. In addition to paving parking lots, we also offer asphalt and concrete services for driveways. This includes resurfacing, repairs, and sealcoating.

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