Mastering Parking Lot Repairs: Key Signs Your Lot Needs Attention

How to Determine If Your Lot Needs Repair

Owning or managing a property with a parking lot comes with the responsibility of keeping it in top-notch condition. A well-maintained parking lot not only boosts the property’s curb appeal and safety but shields you from potential liability issues and expensive lawsuits. But, how do you determine when parking lot repairs are required? Let’s delve into key signs and factors that tell you it’s time to schedule your lot for repair maintenance.

Starting With Regular Inspections

A great way to determine if parking lot repairs are needed is, to begin with walkthrough maintenance inspections that are done regularly. These are routine inspections that help you identify potential issues early on and prevent existing damage from becoming extensive damage.

A Manual Walkthrough Inspection?

The best way to go about this is to perform visual inspections by walking around your lot, removing debris, and documenting its overall state. Mark down whether there are oil stains, tire marks, cracks, potholes, perimeter erosion, and pools of standing water. On top of walkthrough inspections, create a maintenance schedule that includes restriping, sealcoating, pothole/crack repair, and signage/light replacement.

5 Key Signs Of Damage to Look Out For

There are several key signs to look for when determining if your lot needs parking lot repairs.

1. Cracks: If your lot has cracks, it’s likely in need of parking lot repairs. Over time, constant exposure to heavy vehicles and changing weather conditions can cause asphalt to crack. These cracks can range in size and severity, from small hairline cracks to larger fissures. Cracks detract from the appearance of your parking lot and allow water to seep into the sub-base, leading to further deterioration and potential structural damage. Promptly addressing cracks through crack-filling techniques can prevent them from spreading.

2. Potholes: Potholes are another clear indication that you need parking lot repairs. When the underlying layers of pavement become compromised, this leads to depressions or potholes on the surface. Factors like heavy traffic, freeze-thaw cycles, and inadequate drainage are the main culprits. Potholes pose a safety hazard to pedestrians and vehicles and can damage tires and vehicle suspension systems. Repairing potholes involves removing the damaged pavement and filling the void with new asphalt or suitable patching material to restore surface integrity. Mastering Parking Lot Repairs

3. Faded Color: Faded color is a visual sign that your parking lot is in need of maintenance. The vibrant black color of a freshly paved parking lot gradually fades due to sunlight, harsh weather, and traffic exposure. This can give your lot the impression of neglect and can make it difficult for drivers to navigate the lot. Restriping the parking lot with fresh paint can enhance its appearance, improve visibility, and ensure clear markings for parking spaces, walkways, and traffic flow.

4. Warping/Buckling: If you see pavement warping, this is a serious issue that requires immediate parking lot repair. Buckling happens when the asphalt becomes distorted or uneven, creating bumps or ridges on the surface. Causes of this can be poor installation, inadequate compaction, or underlying soil issues. These deformations compromise the look of the lot but also pose a tripping hazard and can damage vehicles. To repair, the affected area should be removed and replaced with new asphalt to smooth and level out the surface.

5. Drainage Issues: Puddles on the surface after rainfall indicate that the parking lot lacks proper drainage systems. This can be due to a range of issues, such as clogged drains, inadequate slopes, or damaged catch basins. Poor drainage can accelerate the deterioration of the pavement, as water can seep into cracks and undermine the stability of the sub-base. Addressing drainage issues may involve cleaning or repairing existing drainage systems, adjusting the slope of the parking lot, or installing additional drains to ensure effective water runoff.

Why You Should Seek A Professional Inspection & Get Expert Advice

Seeking professional inspection is crucial when assessing the condition of your parking lot and determining if parking lot repairs are needed. If you notice any of the key signs of damage noted above, contact us here at DCPLM, and we’ll provide you with a thorough assessment of your lot and develop a maintenance strategy that will preserve your lot’s integrity, and functionality. Give us a call at (407) 618-9646 or email us at