Pressure Washing

What Is Pressure Washing: The Key To a Clean, Safe Parking Lot

It may not seem like much, but the parking lot is an important part of any business, welcoming guests before they even reach the front door. However, their nature as a high-traffic area, both figuratively and literally, means that they quickly grow dirty and unkempt. To prevent this, many businesses turn to commercial pressure washing services, as it is a highly efficient and effective method for keeping your parking lot looking its best.

How Does Pressure Washing Work?

As the name suggests, pressure washing makes use of high-pressure water jets to power its way underneath dirt and grime, forcibly breaking it down and lifting it off the pavement. On its own, pressure washing can clean up a wide variety of messes and stains with ease. This can include things like dirt, chewing gum, paint, and even small oil spills. For tackling tougher grit, professionals make use of powerful, yet environmentally friendly cleaning agents, leaving nothing behind.

Why Use Pressure Washing Instead of Spraying Water Normally?

The key to pressure washing is the power of the jet, which is actually two to three times greater than that of a standard garden hose. This means that pressure washing can penetrate deeper into stubborn messes, removing them much faster and more effectively than spraying water by itself.

Pressure washing is also great for cleaning hard-to-reach areas, as the specialized nozzles and attachments make it easy to reach even the most awkward corners. Finally, pressure washing can be done quickly and with minimal effort, allowing businesses to easily maintain a clean parking lot.

How Can Pressure Washing Benefit My Business?

At first glance, hiring a team of professionals to clean off your parking lot may sound like overkill. However, getting the job done right is an investment into your business, as it will ensure that your guests are welcomed with a clean, inviting parking lot. The benefits of commercial pressure washing include

  • It will make your parking lot look better, improving the overall curb appeal of your business and giving customers a positive first impression.
  • It decreases the risk of slips and falls, reducing liability in the case of an accident.
  • It can extend the life of your parking lot, by removing grime and dirt, which can otherwise cause damage to the pavement.
  • It is incredibly cost-effective, as it requires minimal time and effort to get the job done.
  • It will get rid of tough problem areas like tire marks, graffiti, paint, oil stains, chewing gum, and more.
  • Pressure washers come with adjustable pressure levels, allowing them to be used on more delicate surfaces without causing any damage.
  • It is eco-friendly, as it does not produce any chemicals or pollutants during the cleaning process.

Whether you are looking for a one-time deep clean or regular maintenance services, pressure washing is an effective and efficient way to keep your property in top condition.

How Safe is Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing is a safe and easy-to-use method for cleaning, provided that it is carried out by qualified professionals. Pressure washers operate between 1,000 and 4,000 PSI (pounds per square inch), so it is important that the correct safety precautions are taken. Here at DCPLM, we ensure that all of our technicians are properly trained and equipped with the necessary safety gear. By trusting in our team of professionals, you can rest assured that your parking lot will be maintained to the highest standard.

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